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A Supernatural Thriller Series

An African Fiction Story Weaving In Mystery And The Paranormal

African Theme

Dive into a world shrouded in mystery and learn of the multifaceted face of Africa. Its lives, its rituals, its many beliefs and thought processes. Observe what one will never be able to see if he has not gained access to a very specific circle rooted in the continent.


Feet feeling the earth, unknown beings, sorcery, misunderstood phenomena and knowledge unlike any other meander the pages of this book exploring a hidden world


Follow the main characters in this head turning journey filled with exciting, disturbing discoveries both for the characters and the readers. Trail them in this quest to understand and let your mind form a decision on the last page.

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Kirkus Reviews

A gripping and swiftly paced mystical tale primed for a sequel.

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Blue Reviews

Experience riveting excitement as Yessoh unfolds the mystery and thrusts you into the occult.