Book Contest

Win exclusive gifts at the next book talk!

TA LĘ , Book 1: Knowledge holds 11 illustrations – and you have a chance to receive a framed one!

To be a part of this contest, name each illustration according to their names from the book – or briefly describe them in a sentence if you believe after careful scrutiny that the appropriate name is not in the book.

Pay attention to the order in which the illustrations are presented.

The response should be presented as followed:

  • Contestant’s name
  • Chosen illustration’s number to be framed.
  • Illustration 1: response (name or description)
  • Illustration 2: response (name or description)
  • Illustration 3: response (name or description)
  • (…)


The first contestant to deliver all correct names of descriptions of the illustrations will seal the first prize category and will be rewarded at the book event with:

– A framed illustration of the contestant’s choice
– 7,000 USD
– A signed copy of the book


The first contestant to deliver 8 correct names or descriptions out of the 11 illustrations will seal the second prize category and will be rewarded at the event with:

– A framed artwork of the contestant’s choice
– 3,000 USD
– A signed copy of the book


Please send your answers to with the artwork you wish to receive for your prize.

Yessoh G.D. is responsible for all prizes and this contest’s organization. If the contestant has not chosen an artwork to be framed, a random artwork will be chosen.


Terms & Conditions

The competition is limited to one person per entry but the same person can reapply for the next event if they didn’t win during the previous one.

The contest is for everyone but the contestant should be able to attend the next event in order to receive their prize. Prizes will not be shipped, they must be received in person.